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Would you like to play at an online casino without the risk of losing your money? No deposit bonuses are for that. Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, more and more players have wanted to take advantage of them. And for good reason, it’s a great way to test a casino, play or discover new games. But what’s behind these offers, how to take advantage of them and what are their limits?

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No deposit bonus… and no fear! It’s the coolest bonus in online casinos – it’s offered, like true love… Admittedly, the no deposit bonus is not a very heavy bonus, only a few dollars for online casinos in the USA. But these few cents are often enough for the luckiest or the most gifted to hit the jackpot, or to make up for it as they say. However, like all good things, no deposit bonus casinos are rare… Fortunately, it’s our job to find them for you, who are sometimes reluctant to play for real money, and to offer them to you on a platter – all you have to do is click and enjoy them. Everything is good about the no deposit bonus – but if you’re new to the game, or just curious, take the time to learn about all the benefits, uses and pitfalls of the no deposit bonus, and read on!


What is an online casino no deposit bonus?

The no deposit bonus is a gift offered by an online casino to its new players. It is a free gift, with no obligation. No deposit is required. How do I get a no deposit bonus? It’s easy. The only requirement to take advantage of it is to register at a no deposit bonus casino. The best online casinos offer them. This welcome gift allows the player to test all the games offered: slot machines, poker, blackjack … He can practice, improve, safely. The main objective remains to play for free. This gift can take different forms.

The advantage of the no deposit bonus is in the name! It is a no « strings »attached gift, except as stated above with withdrawals. A bonus is mainly for testing the slots, practicing at the gaming tables and eventually winning one of the many progressive jackpots that are hidden in online casinos.


No deposit bonus – how does it work?

This is the most coveted of all the different types of bonuses, and for good reason… A no deposit bonus is a small gift of virtual money, either in the form of free slot machine spins or free play time, that online casino players receive to play their favorite games for free. For new players at a no deposit bonus casino, no deposit is required beforehand, just a registration on the site… And sometimes, casinos also offer them to loyal players who are a little out of breath or hesitant.


The different types of no deposit bonus



the online casino may offer you a small amount of money to spend on its site as a bonus. The amount may vary depending on the casino, but it is usually between 5 and 30 U.s. dollars.


Free Spin:

remember this term. If you start playing, you will hear it very often. These are free spins offered for playing mostly slot machines.


Free Play Time:

This option allows you to test certain games for a limited period of time.
These are the main bonuses that a player is entitled to when signing up for a no deposit bonus casino.
There are other bonuses, but they require a real money deposit to the player account. Here are some examples of bonuses that may be offered to you if you decide to credit your account.


Other types of bonuses- real money deposit condition :

Throughout the American player‘s journey, online gambling sites can offer a variety of freebies. Some of these are much more interesting than the no deposit offers offered when you open an account, and are promotions offered by the casino to reward loyalty, or simply to mark an event such as a birthday. The amount of the bonus can be significant. You might as well take advantage of it and choose the best offers.

  1. Deposit welcome bonus :
    A sum of money is offered to the player to reward a new deposit, for example. The more you deposit, the bigger the bonus.
  2. Cashback:
    Cashback is expressed as a percentage. This bonus is directly related to the amount of deposits made. If you have credited your account with
    $100 and the casino gives you 20% cashback, the amount of your credit will be $120. If the cashback offered is 100%, your total credit will be $200. 
  3. Free Spin:
    Casinos regularly offer players this type of bonus to take advantage of slot machines, for example.



Conditions for obtaining a no deposit bonus

Even though free bonuses don’t offer a huge amount of money compared to deposit welcome bonuses, like any free offer, there is a lot of interest in them. The no deposit bonus is often offered to new players at the time of registration – so if you’ve already registered at an online casino, you won’t be able to claim this no deposit bonus a second time.  On top of that, you should know that this bonus is only available for a limited time before it is withdrawn from your account – so you should check its terms and conditions and use it before it disappears… However, it is not excluded, far from it, that the casino offers free bonuses in certain circumstances, to VIP members, for a birthday or a contest – the proof is that you will certainly find plenty of them in our stock presented here.

Generally, you can get a no deposit bonus at an online casino by entering a bonus code given on the site or sent to you by email, when you register. Of course, you can always contact the site’s customer service department directly to claim it if you don’t see it on the site and you want to try your luck without risking anything… In short, depending on the offer, the bonus is automatically credited to your account or you have to contact the customer service (by email, online chat or phone) to get it. And above all you will find these coupons or bonus codes on this page dedicated to the casino no deposit bonus 2020 and also 2021.

If the no deposit bonus is a gift, is it really free? Yes, without a doubt. However, it implies certain constraints. It is free, but it is subject to certain conditions. What are the conditions for obtaining it?


Open an account:

to benefit from a no deposit bonus from an online casino, you must have an account. However, apart from certain information (name, email, phone number), no banking information will be requested at this stage. However, you will need to provide this information in order to collect any winnings.


Be of legal age:

Only players over 21 years old can register.


Some bonuses have date limits :

It is therefore important to find out about the validity of these bonuses, otherwise it will not be possible to use them.

No deposit bonuses cannot be withdrawn and transferred from a player account to a bank account as soon as they are received. However, it is not true that a withdrawal is completely impossible. All you need to do is meet certain requirements.

CasinoFree cash / Free spinsRating
Kings Chance 30$ 5/5
Sloto Cash 50$ 4,9/5
Golden Lion 50$ 4,9/5
Raging Bull 15$ 4,8/5
BO Vegas 40$ 4,6/5
Super Nova 50$ 4,6/5
Casino Max 15$ 4,5/5
Miami Club Casino 10$ 4,4/5
Lucky Creek 30$ 4,2/5
Slots Garden 25$ 4,2/5

How do I withdraw a no deposit bonus?

Did you receive a bonus and hit the jackpot? It is possible to withdraw your winnings, but only if the player has met certain criteria. These may vary from one online casino to another. All the information is written in the terms and conditions of the gaming site.In this article we are discussing the general terms and conditions that are linked to the best online casinos in U.S.A.  Therefore, you should read them carefully. Here are the main criteria required by the best casinos to be able to withdraw a no deposit bonus.


Wagering Requirements:

No deposit bonus casinos require you to wager a certain number of times the amount of your bonus in order to withdraw your winnings. As a general rule, most casinos require a wagering requirement of 30 times the bonus amount. This sounds like a lot, but in reality it can go pretty fast. Especially when playing slot machines.


Beware of withdrawal requirements:

minimum withdrawal amounts may be required. Each casino has its own rules on this matter. Here again, it is essential to find out what they are by carefully reading the site’s terms and conditions.


Submit all required documents:

in addition to those proving your identity, you will need to submit proof of address and financial documents allowing the transfer of winnings to the player’s bank account.


No deposit bonuses – Between benefits and risks

Taking advantage of no deposit bonuses is a good way to test the best online casinos, practice and discover new games. The player has the opportunity to play on many different machines. The player can improve, play for free, have fun and win money without risk.

Some American players know how to play very well and go hunting for no deposit bonuses to multiply their possibilities. Even if it means registering on all possible gambling sites to take advantage of them. On the internet, it is easy to find the best deals for the different types of bonuses that a casino can offer. Without depositing any money, of course.

However, it is clear that for a no deposit casino, this type of offer is not innocent. It allows them to attract new players who will eventually deposit money into their account to play. It’s up to each player to know what they want and to make sure that they limit themselves to what they can actually wager.


Advantages and disadvantages of the no deposit bonus at American online casinos

Free casino games with bonus Given the popularity of the no deposit bonus casino, you could easily conclude that this bonus comes with a bunch of benefits for the American players. The advantages are actually obvious: you get the chance to play and win real money games without the risk of losing your own money. With this, you will be able to try out the chosen casino and see whether or not it can meet your needs. With the no deposit bonus casino session, you can test the variety of games offered, how they are played, and what the chances of winning are. If you like it, you can then proceed to deposit money into your account. Another benefit of a no deposit bonus is that you will be able to develop a winning strategy that you can use later when playing for real money.

To summarize, here are the main benefits you can get by claiming your free bonuses:

  • ✅ No risk of losing real money
  • ✅ A chance to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of a particular game
  • ✅ Try out several online games without having to spend real money
  • ✅ You have the chance to win real money with your no deposit bonus casino
  • ✅ There is no need to provide any banking information just to get your bonus
  • ✅ It’s also an opportunity to discover new online casinos

Of course, even though the casino deposit bonus offers a number of advantages, you can still expect some drawbacks.

  • The main one being that it is often only offered to new players.
  • Once you get your bonus, it is only available for a limited time.
  • Finally, of course, there are some strict and demanding conditions for withdrawing any winnings from the no deposit bonus – so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid the pitfalls of some bonuses.

If you don’t want to spend real money playing online casino games, you can choose to play for fun. When you play free casino games with bonuses, you don’t have to worry about losing money. This can be done with no deposit bonus casinos. Plus, you can play instantly using your web browser, or download an application and install it on your device. With free casino games with bonus, you can familiarize yourself with the basic rules of any game, which is what free casino games with bonus are mainly for. The only small drawback is that you will not be able to win real money by these means…


How to enjoy a free no deposit bonus

In order to take full advantage of a no deposit bonus, you should first consider several things. First of all, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus money or winnings from the bonus without anything in return. You will have to wager at some point. And yes. Free bonuses are offered to allow new players to play without commitment, to familiarize themselves with the features of the casino and to get involved in live tournaments.

So for a beginner, there’s no risk involved, which simply means you can try out games for fun and practice. If you want to withdraw your winnings, you will first have to meet the wagering requirements of a casino. In most cases, you will need to wager some 30 times the value of the bonus, but some online casinos will sometimes claim up to 50 times the wager or more.

Online casinos offer many bonuses to attract players from all over the world. The French online gambling rooms are no exception to the rule. The most famous bonuses are obviously the welcome bonuses that are offered when you sign up and make your first deposit. The other recurring bonus is the deposit bonus or match bonus which comes in different forms – all online casinos offer them. You get bonuses for multiple deposits such as for the 3rd, 4th or 5th, but also on a certain day of the week, like a happy hour where you will get a multiplier of your bonus amount which will give you x% in bonus.


Bonus codes or bonus coupons ?

Coupons are promotional codes that casinos offer through personalized offers. You will notice that you will receive them when you play a little less. It’s always a good idea to play at several online casinos to maximize the number of no-deposit bonuses you’ll receive. There are quite a few coupons available, and they are often for slot machines, table games and sometimes lottery games, such as bingo, keno etc. We therefore advise you to subscribe to the newsletters of the online gambling rooms so that you don’t miss any of these promotional coupons.


What games can I play with no deposit bonuses?

In general, you can play almost any game at the casino, unless otherwise stated. Sometimes the casino will indicate one or more slot machine titles reserved for the no deposit bonus, or the entire range of slots from a software company present in the casino’s game library, and often live casino games are excluded from the promotions.


No deposit bonuses at online slots

These bonuses are the famous free spins that allow you to play a few games for free. If you play on a 5-reel slot, every time you click, it’s a spin. You will have the opportunity to play X number of times for free at the slot and above all to win real money and to be able to keep it and eventually withdraw it if you have the no deposit bonus conditions to do so. On the other hand, it is often and perhaps all the time, that you will have to play on a predetermined online slot machine. You don’t go to the one-armed bandit room online to use just any slot. Don’t waste your time asking customer service why it doesn’t work, but do read the title of your bonus. And it is quite transparent, the slot is named and sometimes you can even go directly to it with a unique link. This is a great bonus for testing a free slot machine that is promoted by your online casino, as it is often the latest releases. It’s a way for game software companies and casinos to test out real life slots and get feedback from players while seeing if players stay or go elsewhere after spending their free spin.


No deposit bonuses at table games

Table games are also a place where coupons can offer you winning opportunities without having to spend a single cent. Table games include online casino standards such as the famous blackjack, baccarat, various versions of roulette, craps etc. You will often be entitled to no deposit bonuses on roulette. Free spins will be offered.


No deposit bonuses at American online casinos VIP clubs

The VIP clubs in online casinos are in fact the loyalty cards of your online game. Obviously, being a member of a casino VIP club is a dream come true. However, these VIP clubs can earn you huge bonuses if you play regularly. With classifications as varied as there are casinos, it remains that the more you advance in the hierarchy of your club vip, the more you will be able to enjoy free spins, or free roll for the poker rooms …

In conclusion, the casino bonus without deposit, it is always good to take … To receive no deposit casino bonuses today, choose from our selection of the best online casinos!


Frequently asked question : No deposit bonus casino

  • What is a no deposit bonus casino?

    The « no deposit bonus casino » or simply the no deposit bonus of online casinos, is a sum of virtual money offered to players by the site, without obligation to make a deposit. The main purpose of this offer is to allow new players to test the games and the platform, in order to encourage them to sign up and then play for real money.

  • How do I get a free no deposit bonus at an online casino?
    Generally speaking, new American players can contact a casino’s customer service department directly and request one to explore the site and its games. Finally, the free no deposit bonus can be offered as « a thank you for being a loyal player» (loyalty bonus) or for referring a player (referral bonus).

  • Can you win real money at the online casino with a no deposit bonus?
    You can win real money playing free casino games with a no deposit bonus as long as you meet the casino’s requirements for withdrawing your winnings. Read the bonus conditions carefully!

  • What are the different types of no deposit bonus casino offered?
    No deposit bonuses are offered in the form of cash, which is credited to the player’s account, free spins, free play time, or cash-back, which is a partial refund of the player’s losses at the casino.